RE: Editorial cartoon published Sept. 8


In light of the deaths this summer of three hockey players and the crash of the plane in Russia on Thursday, I found it sickening that your newspaper would publish this cartoon.


It is disgusting and insensitive and should never have seen the light of day. I can only hope that it was meant to promote concussion awareness, but, come on, take another look. Too bad, I really enjoyed this paper up till now.


John Collings, London


I am a regular reader, and I’m not usually one to complain about anything, but I just had to write in and say that I found the comic on September 8th to be in extremely bad taste.


Your cover story is about 43 people being killed in a plane crash, many of them professional hockey players with families, and then think it is appropriate to run a comic poking fun at dead hockey players? This would be bad form at any time, but in light of what JUST happened I find it absolutely disgusting.

Ben Savage, Surrey, B.C.