We asked: What’s your all-time favourite action movie?

Toronto. My favourite action movie is Aliens, hands down. James Cameron crafted a suspenseful and action-packed movie that has characters whose names you can still remember. A total masterpiece that blends horror, action and science fiction.

Steve whalls, Toronto

It would have to be the original Predator movie from 1987. Anything that has Arnie (Schwarzenegger) in it I’m there. So, yes, I will be seeing The Expendables.

Francine Prevost. Ottawa

Calgary. (Green party Leader Elizabeth) May recently made comments regarding her perception that democracy is changing for the worse here in Canada.

I would have to argue that May herself seems to have a distorted view of democracy. During the last election she stomped her feet and had a hissy fit over not being allowed to take part in the leader’s debate. Yet, her party has never won a single seat in Parliament.

Is this the kind of person Canadians want to represent them on the world stage?

Ian Dummigan, Calgary