We asked: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Dartmouth. My pet peeve is those people who park in no parking zones if they’re “just going to be a minute.” Most of us are in that situation and choose to obey the law. What makes them so special?

Pam Giffin, Dartmouth

Toronto. My biggest pet peeve is when people have something stuck in their teeth and they position their tongue behind the teeth and suck for dear life repeatedly —with no success. That sound drives me nuts! Why do they keep sucking? Get a toothpick or some dental floss please.

Nicole Mitchell, Toronto

Toronto. My most hated pet peeve is the price fixing the government has been doing on booze and beer.
Henry Kahrs, Toronto

Toronto. Watching the downtown CEOs getting huge wages while the minions who work for them get next to nothing and put up with all the crap.

Watching celebrities use their income for drugs and booze while other people in the world are starving and living in filth. Put that addiction money to good use.

Linda Makarchuk, Toronto