We asked: Do you think the economic stimulus plan is working?

Toronto. I think the stimulus plan is working because people are spending more money than last year for Christmas. The strong currency shows recovery from the recession and it makes people spend with confidence.

Kazuko Matake, Toronto

Toronto. I think the economic stimulus plan is working. Though the Canadian unemployment rate rose, it’s going down compared to the past, according to data.

Yuki Mizubayashi, Toronto

Toronto. According to research, Canada has been doing well and the unemployment rate is decreasing. As we can see from the TSX or unemployment rate, the economy is doing well.

SeungGo Choi, Toronto

Mexico City. I think it is working because the unemployment rate is decreasing every month compared to other years, so I think this is happening as a result of all the stimulus that the government is providing. The only thing that I would like to know is the exact statistics on how much the stimulus spending specifically is increasing economic activity.

Ariadna Solis, Mexico City

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