We asked: What do you do when your boss is out of the office?

@Ren_Thompson: I actually get my work done ;)

Toronto. I work. That’s what I’m paid to do. No matter who’s in the office, and I’m thankful I have a job.


David Hewitt, Toronto

We asked: Which one of your habits do you wish you could break?

@DeeDeeNewell: wish I could be more patient

@dallas_price: biting my fingernails, counting steps as I walk up them, eating chocolate so much and drinking tea everyday.

We asked: What is your favourite time of the day?

Toronto. I would have to say that the best time of day for me is when I leave my work. There is nothing better than knowing I am heading home to spend time with my boyfriend, calling my mom and dad or chatting via email with my friends.

Work is work and no matter how much pressure you get to work long hours (I so know this), nothing feels better than saying, “No, I need to spend time with my loved ones!” Like I said, best time of the day is with people I love!

Kelly Paglis, Toronto