We asked: What’s your favourite TV?sitcom?

@trudi_e: Maude. It even had an awesome song.

@MissPeachyBum: My favourite TV by far has to be The Big Bang Theory. Finally, a show for people like me!

@rorylallin: the first 10 years of the simpsons is the greatest sitcom of all time.

@dwjones83: would i be looked at funny if i said Family Matters? lol.

@benjamin_esau: Oh, The Big Bang Theory for sure. Finally, a show I can relate to!

@Projectwitz: Episodes on showtime has quickly become my current favourite.

@dukesterHFX: my favourite sitcom had to be Gilligan’s Island.

@mikeatqazam: there are a lot of good sitcoms but my fave is Cougartown. Great actors, great writing, and Courteney Cox is a comic genius.

@crestsofwaves: Everybody Loves Raymond, 8 Simple Rules.

@glorified_gv: Cosby. Cheers. Arrested Dev. Seinfeld. Seen every ep. Night Court ... maybe?
@velvetdress4U: Man hands. Low talker. Of course it’s Seinfeld!

@JulesMBurke: Modern Family is my fav sitcom!!

@pennyroyal00: Favourite sitcom is Reba.

@jla30: Definitely has to be Friends. I still love watching the reruns.

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