We asked: Finish this line: To be truly happy you must ... ?

Toronto. Simply give more than you take — with people, the Earth — in every conceivable situation. You feel better, happier and that will brighten the days of those around you. Love more, be compassionate and learn the power of forgiveness ... it is a gift.

Lorianne Glassford, Toronto

Toronto. To be truly happy you must first experience true sadness, because only then can you really understand what it means to be happy. One cannot exist without the other.


Schwarzer Kreig, Toronto

Parksville, B.C. The Conservative government believes Canadians want the freedom to choose how much of their private lives they want to share.

Remember the famous quip of then prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau when he told reporters the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation. Why does Michael Ignatieff believe Canadians should be forced to divulge intimate, private details about their personal lives?

Most Canadians want their privacy protected. The government is taking action to protect them.

Gerald Hall, Parksville, B.C