We asked: What’s the secret to a successful marriage?

Toronto. Equality (or the closest thing to it) through compromise. Relationships divided on the traditional lines of gender, income or social status will almost always put one partner at a disadvantage. To attain equality, decisions within the marriage should be discussed with an open mind and a willingness to change views.

Dion Daley, Toronto

Toronto. The secret is to not judge your partner. Always show you are loyal to them and support them. And, the most common phrase, never go to bed angry. Always solve your issues as they come. Letting them fester can cause frustration and resentment, which will lead to arguments that can cause strain in the relationship. Always being positive around your partner helps both to relax and not let small prob­lems get in the way.

Amanpreet Atwal, Toronto

Toronto. Love, trust, respect. For better or for worse, there’s no material equivalence.

Flordeliza De Castro, Toronto

Toronto. Commitment, honesty and responsibility will lead to a successful marriage.

Halime Celik, Toronto

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