We asked: Should we drop daylight time?

Toronto. Yes. I don’t believe we save a darn thing. How can it? Sure, it’s lighter in the mornings, but it’s still dark enough that you have to use the lights to get ready for work and it’s darker earlier in the evenings.


Ann Fagan, Toronto

Toronto. We definitely should drop daylight time.
It causes inconvenience since most countries have cancelled daylight time or never started it. It causes lots of trouble to adjust body routines for the first week of each change. That means we spend two weeks in every 52 weeks to adjust to this man-made trouble. The world is already complicated. Why should we add more complexity in it?


Jiao Jiang, Toronto

Re: Mike Artelle letter (Nov. 5)

Toronto. Mike, here’s what I think: (1) You must be a same-sex supporter; and (2) your comments are just as discriminating as Jessica Napier’s article (I?looked at a girl ... and liked it, Nov. 2). She was expressing her opinion, just like you’re expressing yours. What might be “creepy” and “weird” to her may not be to you. I get that. (But) aren’t you exemplifying the very definition of disrespect?