RE: The Lessons of September 11, 10 Years On, published Sept. 9-11


You have failed to mention the hundred of thousands of civilian casualties, the millions of displaced persons, and the vast economic, agricultural and emotional devastation inflicted by our hands on others (namely Iraqi and Afghani civilians) in this “war on terror.”


I guess we have not yet learned the lesson to look beyond ourselves. I was also wondering how the thinking that the U.S. depends on Middle Eastern oil and how it supports Israel is delusional thinking?


It is a fact that the United States has a certain level of dependence on oil from that region of the world and it is also a fact that the U.S. supports Israel in various ways. Since this premise is true, it is not “delusional” to believe that these factors were implicated in the events of 9-11.


I am simply writing to point out the elephant in the room. As Noam Chomsky said, “If you want to stop terrorism, don’t participate in it.”


Saleem Al-Nuaimi, MD Edmonton