We asked: What’s the best job you ever had?

Toronto. The best job I had was as an employee of a fitness club because I could communicate with a wide range of customers from all generations. Even though I was a receptionist, I could train customers and I could also use the machines to exercise.

Kei Aosaka, Toronto

Toronto. Ontario Place! Bumper boats downtown with great friends, awesome weather; a totally unique experience.

Gabriel Jacobs, Toronto

Toronto. The best job I ever had was as a clerk at a luxury brand store in Tokyo. Observation of the products and the customers was really fascinating. I could also see new products earlier than customers.


Toronto. I was a university student who studied Turkish in Japan. The best job I’ve ever had was as a presenter at university. This job was needed to introduce the Turkish course, university life and what Turkey is like to high school students who wanted to enter.

Two years after this job, an unfamiliar student said thank you for your stories and advice. I was really surprised and pleased to hear that.


Shunya Ikeda, Toronto

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