Halifax. Can you people not find any else to write about besides Lindsay Lohan? Every day I cringe at seeing her picture and another article. She’s often on the front page!

I talk to friends about this and they are all in agreement: We are sick and tired of it!

Who gives a damn? We sure don’t, and if this paper was not free, I would certainly not be paying for it. It’s sad though that you waste time and space printing this crap.

Don’t you get it? We are not interested! Why don’t you take a poll of your readers? It is so annoying I just had to write you.

Please find something of value or interest to tell us about. Thanks.

Richard Gallant, Halifax

Whitby. I am a firearms owner and I am against keeping the long-gun registry. Unlike registering my car — only necessary if I use it on public roads — I am considered a criminal for not registering my firearms, even though I may not take them out of my house.

Motor vehicles are far more deadly to our society than firearms have ever been.

I believe the LGR is nothing more than a tool to help governments in confiscation of private property.

Peter Sedge, Whitby