We asked: What’s the better pet — dogs or cats?

Toronto. Dogs are loyal, cute and can guard a house when you are working all day. Playing a game of fetch is stress relieving and looks cool. Cats ignore you, relieve themselves in a box indoors and are otherwise useless.

I know some people think cats are better as a pet because you have to earn their friendship, but if I am going to work hard on a relationship, it’s going to be for human friends and family.

A pet should just be happy to be along for the ride ... it’s ok to stick your head out the window.

Jason Harris, Toronto

Edmonton. @mikeatqazam Dogs of course, they’ll actually listen to you. Ever try to get a cat to listen to you? Good luck.

Re: Going, going Ghana (Aug. 4)

Toronto. I was surprised and at the same time pleased to read this article by Romina McGuinness.

Here is one Western journalist who, unlike several others, sought to portray a few positive aspects of an African country — a far departure from the usual Africa-bashing. Thanks, Romina.

Ben Poku, Toronto