We asked: Who was your role model growing up?

@natomaton: Bugs Bunny. He was SUAVE.

@alaska1278: MY MOM DUKES WHO ELSE!! Mamma boy.

@JewelyGEE: my role model was my imagination. might sound odd but it really had no limits and it was totally free!

Toronto. My role model when I was growing up was and always will be my parents.

They worked in our convenience store 14 to 16 hours a day for 363 days a year (Christmas Day and New Year’s Day were half-days) for more than three decades!

It’s because of their strong work ethic that I never complain about long work days/weeks/months. Thank you mom and dad for all your hard work and sacrifices made.

Steve Yul Chun, Toronto

@levianacoccia: my role model growing up was probably one of the Spice Girls. Thank goodness I didn’t turn out like a ’90s Scary Spice!

Calgary. My mom, of course!
She’s the strongest and most beautiful woman I know.

Kelliann Brown, Calgary

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