Dear Mr. Ford: Every morning I use Yonge Street to commute to work and I notice that the road is congested, delaying those drivers stuck in traffic and causing a total disruption in their daily schedule.

I also count no more than a few hundred people using the sidewalks for commuting purposes. I assume by walking, skateboarding or cycling to work they want to enjoy the nice summer weather and take various means of transportation to and from their daily activities. With all the drivers being inconvenienced due to road congestion, four lanes I believe is simply not enough.

The only possible resolution for this trafficastrophy is to tear up the sidewalks. Let’s add two and at points three lanes.

This would all be done with the intentions of re-routing people using these active modes of transportation. Some suggested alternative routes such as cutting through people’s yards and over fences seem much more logical.

We might as well ban all pedestrians, and cyclists from ‘major arteries.’


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