Vancouver. As a summertime cyclist and wintertime transit user, I consider myself sympathetic to the causes of both groups.

One thing that I find bothersome, however, is when I’m riding in a bus that’s forced to slowly trail a cyclist riding in the curb lane of a busy street. This problem is really significant both on Main Street and Broadway, where often there are dozens of people on a rush hour No. 9 who are subject to the selfishness of a lone cyclist.

While the City of Vancouver’s bike lane allocations are not perfect, there are still plenty of options.

In both of these cases, there are parallel bike routes — Ontario and 10th, respectively — that are not only bus-free, but are also designed to be cyclist-friendly. Both of those streets have traffic controls and pacing that complement cycle commuting.

Please, cyclists of the city, I beg of you: Don’t be selfish. During rush hour, that curb lane is where buses carrying dozens of commuters are forced to travel. You have options. Please allow the transit system to be as efficient as possible.

After all, we’re on the same side, aren’t we?

Malloreigh Hamilton, Vancouver