RE: Cyclist killed after hitting car, published Oct. 12

The article indicates: “Murphy said he wasn’t sure if it would have been possible for either the driver opening the door or the driver who ultimately struck the cyclist to have avoided the accident.” When in fact:

1. The driver who opened the car door could have avoided the collision by looking first and not opening the car door, which drivers and passengers are required to do by law.

2. The passing motorists could have exercised caution and given a wider separation when passing the cyclist. Further, the correct cycling technique to avoid being doored is to cycle at least one metre from parked cars, even if it affects passing motorists.


Journalists should not report commentary that is not verified as it gives the reader the false impression the collision was unavoidable. While one cannot lay blame regarding an open investigation, one can surely indicate the correct procedure for preventative action.

Peter McNichol, ottawa

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