Taking advantage of parking permits, published Oct.19

You are correct in your assessment of the cost to the cash-strapped city of Toronto of ‘accessibility permits’ being used fraudulently on a daily basis in Toronto.

Just one example: On any given day on the north side of Danforth Avenue between Coxwell and Woodbine, at least a dozen parked vehicles can be counted with these ‘blue permits’ visible on the dash. Some are SUVs and new pickup trucks. Undoubtedly some are legitimate, but seen emerging from and entering these vehicles are able-bodied men without canes, crutches or wheelchairs on their way to and from coffee-shops and other businesses.

Additionally there would appear to be no time limit for ‘permit’ parking, eliminating space for paying customers. If ‘permit’ parking here is multiplied by all the other neighbourhoods in the city then this represents a staggering loss of revenue to Toronto.


Murray Lumley, Toronto

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