We asked: How early is too early for a toque?

Toronto. There’s no such thing as “too early.” If you’re cold, worry less about being seasonally appropriate and just put one on. If people would accept this simple solution, we’d have less unpleasant scenes like the one I overheard in a gas station the other day, with an older man in a light­weight windbreaker screaming at an over­worked cashier who was operating two registers and dealing with multiple customers for not ringing up his gas fast enough because it was cold outside.

To Angry Windbreaker Man: A toque would cost you less money than you spent on gas and unlike your car would probably make you a bit less loathesome.

Kathy Bibson, Toronto

@kelstabulous it is never too early for a touque.

@deadlytoque I had frostbite on my ears 12 years ago, & they never recovered.
I wear a toque whenever the temp goes under 10, or they hurt.

Toronto There’s no such thing as too early for a toque, in my opinion. They’re cute and stylish, especially those well-designed ones. Fall, winter, spring. Why not?

Jhobell Kristyl, Toronto

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