We asked: What was your favourite game as a child?

Toronto. My favourite childhood game was double dutch and any form of skipping.

I loved to jump rope so much because there were so many songs to skip to. You got a chance to show off your skills and dance moves, all the while skipping. It was a great time for social interaction with my friends.

To this day, I am in my 30s and still enjoy skipping. It keeps me in great shape.

Angela M., Toronto

Toronto. My favourite games were played on my first ever computer, a Commodore 64. I got it when I was 13 years old. Pac Man, Frogger, Summer Games — the list just kept going and going. Now, 20-plus years later (I’ve kept it in mint condition) my kids are fascinated with the old technology. Vintage is cool according to my seven-year-old son.


Steve Fine, Toronto

Toronto. My favourite game as a child was creating different imaginary worlds for my Barbie dolls. I thought it was fun and I got to decide what sort of place that imaginary world would be and also what sort of events would happen.

Jhobell Faustino, Toronto