HERO or ANGEL? — you decide. I was riding on the subway in Toronto Wednesday morning.

At one of the stops shortly after I got on, a lady boarded the train and she looked very upset.

I mean a “tear your heart out” kind of upset. The kind that makes your heart sink and put a lump in your throat, even for a tough guy like me. She seemed very distraught and God only knows what pain she was feeling in her life at that point.

She took a seat and after a short while you could see more tears building up in her eyes. As she began to rummage through her purse, I saw a man or should I say gentleman, reach into his backpack, pull out a pack of tissues open it and extend it out to the lady.


WOW!!! I was blown away.

As simple as this story is, I took away a huge lesson & message from it.

I’m not going to preach to you or reveal what it meant for me, but it compelled me to sit at my desk right away and type this out to share with you. Take what you may from this, feel free to pass it on & have a very successful day!

Ben Canini, Toronto

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