Toronto. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am getting a little tired of hearing how our government pulled one over on us again.

How much money has to be wasted on lavish dinners even though there are many program cuts, school cutbacks, and money spent on G8, G20, etc. ... the list goes on and on and seems to get worse with time.

Has no government learned from past overspending and scandals? How is it the government can figure out a way to get every last penny out of working class people, but they can’t figure out a way to get $3,500 from former TTC chair Adam Giambrone? Garnish his wages as they do working class people when they owe money.

This is a tiring subject every day on the front page of the newspaper that people who make “a lot” of money have to depend on an expense account, which surely are funds that could be spent on making our city a better place to live. Front page news should be interesting and, of course, worthy news. Finding out we’re duped again is depressing.


Linda Griffiths, Toronto