We asked: What reality TV?show would you like to go on?

Toronto. I would like for Extreme Makeover Home Edition to go on for a long, long time.
It’s one of those shows that leaves me teary eyed every episode.

All are true and very touching.

Jhobell Kristyl, Toronto

Toronto. The reality show I would most like to be on is Big Brother.

Tammy Spurvey, Toronto

Toronto. The Aug. 17 article about Wi-Fi is scientifically silly. Prof. Magda Havas is only moving on to claims about Wi-Fi because nobody wants to spread another silly story about cellphones.

Radio waves from either Wi-Fi or cellphones are not harmful radiation. They are in a range of energy that can’t break one chemical bond, no matter how many millions of waves there are.

To a scientist, it’s as silly as saying seven people can each jump one foot high, therefore they should be given an Olympic medal because that adds up to seven feet.

Radio waves can’t be put in the same league as what the layperson normally thinks of as radiation.

Pierre Savoie, Toronto