Mr. Layton’s funeral and the turnout of the massive number of people to mourn the death of a politician should be a wakeup to other politicians.


They need to ponder and ask themselves why would people in massive numbers come out to celebrate the life of a politician, during the time when the majority of Canadians don’t find the profession to be appealing and they don’t feel the urge to welcome politicians who knock at their doors during the election.


Mr. Layton’s ability to bring people together during his funeral should be a hint of what Canadians desire from a political figure.


Looking at Mr. Layton’s legacy and the massive number of people who have mourned his death, we learn that Canadians want an honest politician who is true to himself and who listens to people whether they are rich or poor.


Canadians want to see integrity in politicians —something which has been missing in today’s politicians, who promise one thing during the election and then do something else.

Abubakar N. Kasim, Toronto