We asked: What is the funniest Twitter feed you follow?

@arams11: funniest tweets are from @charliemcdowell who tweets about the 2 girls that live above him. Hilarious!

@stickchick2010: Gotta be tweets from @biznasty2point0 (Paul Bissonette — NHL player — Phoenix Coyotes) They truly make me LOL!

@brownwynmaye:?I think these ones take the cake: @Lord_Voldemort7 @ceoSteveJobs @Queen_UK @alqaeda @TFLN.

@anderson7: follow @thesulk. the most consistent funnyman on twitter. he always seems to tweet when you need a laugh to survive the day.

@brightwhite: Not sure if you can print it, but my god @fireland is hilarious.

@quadsmom1: @smartphowned. Hilarious autocorrects!

@j)me33: follow comedian @walkinsauce for her honesty and @tfln because nothing good comes in a text after 12 a.m.

@dmen01: funniest by far is @davechappelle, @NotChrisRock close second, they get on their observational rants and hilarity ensues!

@mariyasphotos: Funniest Twitter feed I follow is @GetRichIdeas because the ideas are a nice balance between brilliant & totally crazy!