We asked: Do you think the CRTC’s decision on misleading news will impact Canadian media?

@jbg44: Reputable media. NO. I still have faith in them. Others? YES. problem 2 distinguish fact from fiction.

@zachbussey: I think there’s a lack of trust with media as it is. This definitely lowers my trust to basically none.

Thus continues the ongoing saga of the stupefaction of our society.

@gameandpc: so I can destroy someone’s career or reputation or family and keep broadcasting? Fun!

Toronto. This is not responsible. I suspect they are lowering Canadian standards in advance to Fox invasion in Canada. How do we protest? Did we not learn anything from the recent tragedy in Tucson? We’re Canadian NOT American!


Susan Rennie, Toronto

Re: Looking for a vision in the new year (Jan. 17)

Toronto. Thank you (Carolyn Morris) for a great story in Monday’s Metro. It has been a breath of fresh air to me today. It’s refreshing to see a story on something a bit deeper than trying to lose 10 pounds or trying to look like a famous person.


Iryna SolukFigol, Toronto