RE: John Mazerolle’s column published Oct. 6, Let’s talk birds and bees

While Mazerolle’s article is already a somewhat pointless rehash of the tired and overdone issue of talking to teenagers about sex, he worsens the matter with his tactless and failed attempt at wit.

In the print version of your paper he suggests warning boys off drinking and sex because this could result in relations with a fat girl and it could be all over the Internet by the following day. I noticed your online version had the decency to remove that paragraph but I was most offended by your print edition.

Elizabeth Dungan, Toronto

There seem to be a lot of letters being sent in regarding the column.


Have the people sending these in never heard of comedy? Honestly it is intended to poke fun at a subject, not to take it seriously. I happen to be an overweight woman and I did not find this article hurtful, ignorant, rude or offensive. Grow up and learn to take a joke.

When did we turn into a society that’s so damn politically correct?

Jacki Norris, Toronto

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