It was great to read about the promotion of women in sports in your article about the Lingerie League coming to Edmonton.

However, I am curious why there is a lack of mention of the original Women’s Tackle Football Team (The Edmonton Storm) in your paper?

This team has been tackling their way onto the sports scene for the past seven years, with little/no support from Football Alberta, without any corporate sponsorship. The women of this team pay for their entire season out of their own pockets and through meagre fundraising efforts all because of their passion to play the game. The Edmonton Storm has been the leading women’s football team in Alberta and until this past year has been the reigning women’s team in all the western provinces.

In fact, six women from the Edmonton Storm were chosen to play for the Canadian National Women’s Tackle Team last July in a World Tournament in Sweden, bringing home a silver medal. Where is your celebration of the TRUE ATHLETES in Women’s Football?


Erin Devlin, Edmonton

One of Tor­on­to’s leading employment law experts thinks that Mayor Ford has shot himself in the foot when it comes to containing costs associated with radically downsizing the City of Toronto’s workforce.

David Whitten, of the Toronto law firm of Whitten & Lublin, believes the city’s recent voluntary buyout program has set a precedent for higher-than-necessary payouts to laid off employees. Under the terms of the voluntary package, eligible employees were offered a guaranteed lump sum.

In all, 700 employees accepted the voluntary package, well short of Mayor Ford’s expecta­tions. The mayor has been quoted in the media as saying he believes there are 7,000 too many employees working for the City of Toronto. This means that thousands more employees will likely be laid off in the near future.

The problem is that these new reductions will be more expensive than necessary because Mayor Ford has tilted the negotiating table in favour of employees.

Kevin Morrison, Toronto

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