Re: Cities can’t ban shark fins, report says, published Sept. 7.

In Canada, laws that ban hunting demonstrate Canada’s motive of preserving and protecting wild animals.

Of course, we kill animals for food, but we do not kill to the point where we knowingly endanger the species. The Chinese community claiming that banning shark fins will take away from their culture should not affect the decision-making process. By making sure that shark fins are banned, in the long run, we can possibly save the sharks from becoming an endangered species. By allowing more time to pass, the shark species becomes closer to being part of endangered species.

Chopping off the fin and letting the shark back into the ocean would allow bodily toxins to dissolve in water. This will also affect other marine life. There has to be a regulation that prevents the shark species from becoming a threatened species. Bylaws have to come into effect as soon as possible to help control this dilemma.


Kujaany Kana, Toronto

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