Re: 5 worst foods (Sept. 20)

Toronto. It’s incorrect to blame tofu-eating vegetarians for the decimation of South American rainforests. The vast majority of the soy grown is used for cattle feed to produce beef, listed as your No. 1 worst forest food.


As the United Nations’ report Livestock’s Long Shadow pointed out, the animals-for-food industry creates more greenhouse gas equivalents than all the cars, trucks, ships and airplanes in the world combined. On the other hand, a vegetarian or vegan diet is the best diet for minimizing one’s ecological footprint.

Michael Hayward, Toronto

Vancouver. With the recent debate on the gun registry, I have only one thing to say. I am tired of political posturing along party lines. I don’t support the registry.

Every poll I have seen says it is useless; and I believe so as well. Can we all work together for once instead of having the party brass dictate the outcome?

David Nagy, Vancouver

We asked: What food can you absolutely not stand to eat.

Toronto. I absolutely can’t stand to eat okra.

Jhobell Faustino, Toronto