RE: Listen, you don’t want to upset this teacher, published Sept. 22

Mazerolle’s article was so badly executed it ended up being not only offensive, but contradictory.

First, I took offence to the implication that teachers must inspire fear, especially fear of bodily harm, to be respected, and that “the nice ones who wanted to help” lacked strength and would “[crumble] like [...] Wagon Wheels.” If the writer’s intention was to direct attention to the current plight of teachers, these characterizations did little to support and much to undermine those hard-working idealists who become teachers because they “wanted to help.”

Secondly, the line about what teachers “do best: pushing you up a grade regardless of merit” the writer has again cast teachers as the hapless pawns of a production line school system.


This negative characterization was further advanced in the final line: “let’s open our books to Megan Fox”. This implied a kind of uselessness in education.

Amanda Cameron, Vancouver

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