Toronto. Eminem’s Love the Way You Lie does not endorse domestic violence. It is rather a provocative reminder of the phenomenon.

None of the lyrics in the song suggest that Eminem, or Rihanna, endorse domestic violence. Contrary to the complaints of simple-minded and emotionally charged people, Eminem is not saying that domestic violence is an acceptable or glorifiable lifestyle; he is sending a message (to thousands of people at one time) that sheds light on the common cycles of violence that take place in abusive relationships.

Eminem’s artistic portrayal of this sensitive topic may be misinterpreted, but that is through no fault of his own. He is not responsible for misunderstandings of the lyrics of his song.
Furthermore, the video rendition of the song does not endorse or glorify domestic violence any more than war documentaries endorse war.


Like a documentary, Eminem and Rihanna’s collaboration bring to light an issue that is often thrown into the background in the face of other issues. If somebody draws motivation to be abusive, that is not the fault of the artist, but the failure of the individual and the social system.

Denis Canhasi, Toronto.