Dartmouth. I read with interest the letter from Ian Dummigan regarding the Green party (Aug. 23). It is very interesting that he says Elizabeth May seems to have a distorted view of democracy since her party has never won a single seat in Parliament.

Democracy is changing. I personally have not voted for the Green party, but I can surely understand why the Greens would be upset. In the last election they received 6.78 per cent of the popular vote but didn’t win any seats, while the Bloc, which ran in only one province, won 49 seats with only 10 per cent of the national vote and, therefore, have a disproportional influence on the government of this country.

No wonder there are so many Canadians wondering where the fairness is in our electoral system.


Carl Ellis, Dartmouth

Re: (Tamil) migrants not jumping the queue: Spokesman.

Vancouver. Once these people touched land, they were here to stay. They aren’t leaving — we need to get over it.

We need to focus on the next time, take a stand and set a precedent. We need to show the world that you can’t just bypass our laws because they are inconvenient.

S. Petersen, Vancouver