Re: Michael de Adder Jan. 10 cartoon

Calgary. The cartoon in Monday’s Metro portraying Sarah Palin and the tea party movement in the U.S. as “hateful” is highly objectionable. Prior to any investigation of the tragedy in Tucson, Ariz., (cartoonist Michael) de Adder is attributing blame to the conservative movement of the U.S.
Palin has not demonstrated any hateful intent. De Adder is confusing hate with anger. The tea partiers demand from their elected officials respect for the rule of law with regards to illegal immigration and demand fiscal responsibility from state and U.S. federal officials. This is not hateful, it’s responsible.

J.A. Zwahlen, Calgary

Toronto. What’s hateful about having certain principles such as wanting a smaller government, not believing illegal immigrants should jump the line and get a free pass, advocating for personal responsibility (in other words, nixing the nanny state), desiring lower taxes, etc., etc.?

Newsflash: I’ll tell you what’s hateful. When people who don’t agree with other people’s points of view resort to lies by using the “hate card,” simply because they have no other sensible argument to make.

Rachael Bloomfield, Toronto

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