Re: She Says column (Table for two, please... non-children) published July 26

I normally enjoy this article, but today I am a bit offended. Systematically barring any group from a restaurant is textbook discrimination.

But I am more worried about the flippant attitude displayed when it comes to “happy meals” and that “you have to sacrifice a little” to go to a restaurant with children. Not all children behave badly. The bigger issue is a battle nationwide, in Canada and the U.S., against obesity. To suggest that these are reasonable alternatives is thoughtless. Think of the health of the kids — this is not a laughing matter.

Children become what they become by how they are raised. Take your kids to fast-food joints all the time, and what do you get? Obese, lazy parents who take their kids to fast-food joints. More health problems, higher taxes to treat those problems, then no one will be able to go to nice restaurants because fast food, will be the only affordable option.

Michael Weber, Toronto