RE: Jessica Napier’s column published Oct. 11, What’s in a maiden name?

Although I think the article was well written and thought provoking, I was surprised that, for a woman who writes from an informed and feminist perspective, she used references such as “Mr. and Mrs. His First and Last Name” and “Taking your husband’s name.” The article was written with gender assumptions and from a heterosexist perspective which made a good article disappointing in the end.

Charlene Crews, Toronto

RE: Air Canada attendants reject second deal, published Oct. 10 on


It deeply saddens and worries me to see the Harper government acting like a dictator in its excessive interferences in the labour disputes.

As the strike by flight attendants is looming, the government is threatening to come out with its stick and use it to force the employees back to work as if we live in a communist or fascist country.

Abubakar N. Kasim, Toronto

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