We asked: Should marijuana be legalized?

Toronto. Yes, I think it should. There is too much violence associated with it when it’s not legal.

Nancy Scott, Toronto

@rrrebeccaa yes! it’s a 7-billion a year industry. tax it, sell it, and help countries with their debt.

@zacivich legalize. it’s proven that the gateway theory is garbage, no health effects from the drug itself.

Toronto. Marijuana should be legalized for adults because adults should have the right to choose which recreation substance to use, especially since alcohol is much more dangerous.

Edgar Bernal Martinez, Toronto

Re:?Lindsay Lohan

Toronto. I read in Letters &?Tweets about a fan who doesn’t like the exposure Metro gives to Lindsay Lohan.

I for one am quite interested to know what is going on with her. I like seeing the photographs, I like seeing the full-page articles on her. It’s a great story — of her addictions, of her meddling father, her relationships ... it’s a Hollywood movie inside a Hollywood movie.

Tom Tkach, Toronto

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