RE: Insects, glorious insects: How we’re eating bugs, published Oct. 4

Mr. Johnston’s article mentions that “caterpillars are full of iron” but fails to warn readers that many caterpillars are highly toxic and quite dangerous.

Touching some caterpillars can set off a serious and sometimes fatal reaction.

People should never touch caterpillars unless they know about that particular species in detail.


The same goes for all insects: It is estimated that only 1000 to 2000 out of millions of species of insects are edible and therefore caution and knowledge must be used.

A minor detail is that the insects in the picture are not bugs and the scorpion is not even an insect.

I encourage Mr. Johnston to write an article about insect toxins.

This is a fascinating subject.

Milton Charlton, Toronto

RE: Gaga takes her case to Obama, published Sept. 28

After reading this article I felt the same way as Lady Gaga, that bullying should be a hate crime.

Throughout life you always get people saying, “It’s just a part of growing up, it builds self-esteem, they like you, just ignore it, just toughen up, just forget it.”

Those are some of the things people say, but it’s not that easy. There’s a poster at my school I really like because it says, “Whoever said don’t run from your problems never had to face a bully.”

It is hard to go through life with a bully or a memory of a bully on your back.

Bullying can lead to many awful things in life. So many people don’t take bullying seriously, including teachers and other adults. If a kid is bullied in school and tells a teacher and the teacher doesn’t do anything about it, they’re basically saying, “Go ahead, you can bully — it’s OK to be mean to someone.” However it’s not OK. It is completely wrong and people don’t know the effects it can have on a person.

Gina Visser, Vancouver B.C.

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