We asked: What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

Toronto. The first thing I notice is their mouth. Not if they have full lips or thin lips. I want to see those teeth. Teeth don’t have to be chemically enhanced to be blaring white.

Just clean and taken care of. They don’t have to be brace straightened, but I do like teeth that are able to mesh.
This also makes eating with your mouth closed much easier.

Karen Maxwade, Toronto

Vancouver. Nothing profound — I’m gay. Todd Smith

Re: A taste of Rio in downtown T.O. (Sept. 7)

Toronto. Why do you always speak about Rio de Janeiro when you want to express something about Brazil? The samba groups played only 20 minutes.

The crowd was there to see Ivete Sangalo, the Brazilian myth, the Brazilian Madonna. She isn’t from Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, she is from Salvador, capital of Bahia.

Salvador is the main destination in Brazil for Brazilians, including Cariocas, people who were born in Rio de Janeiro.

What happened (Monday) at Yonge-Dundas Square was a taste of Salvador.

Mario Lopes, Vancouver

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