TORONTO - The Ontario Medical Association's Section on General and Family Practice warns the Liberal
government is putting patient safety at risk by letting non-physicians
do some of the work doctors currently perform.


The doctors'
lobby is fighting back against government plans to let nurse
practioners lead local health clinics and to allow pharmacists to
prescribe some drugs.


The SGFP says letting non-physicians take
those roles without the direct supervision of a doctor is like letting
a member of a flight crew fly the plane instead of the pilot.


Dalton McGuinty says the government is spending almost half its budget
on health, and needs to make sure it gets the maximum performance out
of each health-care profession.

McGuinty says the government consulted widely before proposing the increased roles for nurse practioners and pharmacists.

the SGFP accuses the government of acting blindly and implementing
health reforms without considering unintended consequences that could
put patients at risk.