Get ready for more — a lot more — of Levi Johnston, reports
The hockey-playing dad to Sarah Palin's grandson, Johnston, 19, is ready for his Playgirl close-up. And while a date has yet to be set for his nude photo shoot, his manager Tank Jones told, “it will be early November” in New York.

And Playgirl readers shouldn’t expect many artfully placed pillows in the photos. Jones confirms to Us that full-frontal shots are planned for the shoot — and that Bristol Palin’s ex isn’t nervous about exposing himself.

“He’s pumped! He’s ready to shock the world. The hell with fifteen minutes,” Jones told Us over the phone. “As a matter of fact, when I picked him up, he came out the house naked. I said, ‘Not now!’”

Johnston himself took the phone for a moment to chime in, telling Us: “I just get naked. That’s what I do.”

Like the up-in-the-air date, the theme of the shoot itself is also to-be-determined, Jones explained. “We’re going to play it by ear. I’m going to make sure it’s something he’s comfortable with and tasteful. This is art.”