The act that would allow for a levy on most accommodations in Cape Breton to fund a marketing campaign has passed third reading in the provincial legislature.

The only remaining obstacle is obtaining royal assent, which Destination Cape Breton CEO Mary Tulle said could come at any time.

“We are very excited to say that it has cleared most of the hurdles at this point,” she said.

Talk of launching a levy to fund a tourism marketing campaign for the island dates back to 2003. The process was hampered by concerns about the original proposal by some tourism operators and municipalities. Several changes were made including that the levy would not apply to accommodations with fewer than 10 rooms.

Last year, Inverness council voted against signing on to the plan, saying it was taking its lead from local operators in approaching the matter. They did support no longer requiring that all municipalities on the island endorse the strategy in order for it to move ahead.

Cape Breton

Destination Cape Breton CEO Mary Tulle said she hopes the levy, which is a commonly used tool to support tourism in other regions, will begin being collected this season, and she’s pleased with the supportive comments she has received.

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