Liam Hemsworth, a striking young Australian actor who just turned 20, is in an enviable spot these days.


He’s set to star in a potential Arabian Nights franchise, appears in the romantic drama The Last Song — from the highly commercial tearjerker Nicholas Sparks, opening next Wednesday — and he’s dating his co-star, Hannah Montana phenomenon Miley Cyrus. It’s good to be Liam.


He’s certainly a romantic. The way he describes shooting The Last Song, you have to wonder whether he’s talking about Miley and himself.


“These are very real people you can relate to. When he met Miley’s character, their attraction was physical but became much more. They allowed each other to be more of themselves and stop letting people stop telling them who to be. Anyone can relate. It’s about a young girl growing up and really becoming true to herself.”


The close quarters of moviemaking and romantic ocean side setting helped ignite their romance.

“We spent every day together shooting down there (Georgia) and we had great chemistry from the first time we met. It wasn’t too much work to show that chemistry. It would have been hard not to become close there on the beach every day, it was so beautiful. We were happy together and that’s the truth, we enjoyed being together.”

Hemsworth says he’s too young to consider marriage. But he thinks they may work together again somewhere “down the track.”

Hemsworth is about to face his biggest challenge yet — fronting The Arabian Nights, a big-budget action film that’s being positioned as a franchise. He stars as the princely commander of an army avenging the murder of their king with the help of Sinbad. However, Hemsworth isn’t concerned about the weight of it.

“I don’t think of anything about how it’s going to be working on it. I have to focus on my part. I’m proud of my work but I don’t think of myself as a rising star.

“It’s weird to see yourself so big on a screen. In Hollywood, I saw them putting up a billboard of the film on an eight story building. It was huge. That’s the biggest I’ve ever seen my face.”