Public approval of the B.C. Liberal government’s performance has plummeted to a new low, according to a poll released on Thursday.

Four months after the latest provincial election, only 32 per cent of British Columbians polled said they approve of the current provincial leadership — a decrease of 21 points. That’s the lowest level recorded for Premier Gordon Campbell’s government, which is now in its third term. The previous low was 37 per cent in March 2004.

The poll also showed that support for the B.C. Liberals continues to drop, with 35 per cent of voters saying they would cast a ballot for the Grits, a decrease in support of 11 per cent.

The NDP is up three points at 45 per cent in voter support.

NDP Leader Carole James’ approval rating is significantly higher than Campbell’s at 55 per cent, compared to 33 per cent for the premier.