The Nova Scotia Liberals will put all of their cards on the table today.

They are the last party to release an election platform, which they will do this morning.

Both of the other parties have taken heat for their plans so far. The NDP released its platform early last week and were berated by other parties who called it flimsy and unrealistic.


The Tories still plan to release an official platform but much of it was revealed in their short-lived spring budget last month. That was criticized for being in deficit, though the government fell before it could be debated.

Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil said Wednesday he isn’t worried about taking heat with his platform.

“I’ve been coming out with policy positions all along,” he said. “There’s been plenty of criticism about us but we’ve continued to run a positive campaign.”

The Liberal platform is likely to be quite different than those of the other two parties. McNeil strongly criticized the NDP for reintroducing what he called the Tory budget with minor changes. He also said the NDP plan to have a balanced budget while meeting their promises was impossible and unrealistic.

But McNeil held off on details of how and when his platform would balance the books.

“It’ll be a very balanced approach, and will be costed over a four-year period,” he said.