Forget Rodney MacDonald — if Tory voters want to make an impact in the provincial election the Liberals say vote for them.

“We’ve seen in more recent days the (Progressive) Conservatives’ fortunes changing,” Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil said. “We know that conservative voters are looking for new options. We’re encouraging them to come and join us.”

McNeil said Tory support is waning and he worries many of their supporters will stay home on Election Day. The Liberal leader hopes to gain their votes by selling his party as the only ones capable of stopping the NDP, pointing to his promise to cut the small business tax as something that will appeal to fiscally conservative Nova Scotians.


“There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that we are the alternative to the (NDP),” McNeil said. “We are the ones who are competing with them in almost every riding, not the Conservatives.”

Tory spokesman Jordi Morgan said McNeil’s comments were silly and mirrored those of federal Liberal leader Paul Martin when he was trying to avoid defeat. Morgan called McNeil’s statements “a last minute desperate attempt to get voters.”

“He should be more worried about the lag in his support than trying to get our supporters,” Morgan said.

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