The province is going back to the drawing board to redesign its controversial sex education curriculum, but Education Minister Leona Dombrowksy admits the Liberal government has no idea when the teaching plan will be ready.

Dombrowsky said yesterday it “would be a very ambitious time frame” to get any new guidelines for Grade 1 to Grade 8 students in place by September.

That was when Ontario’s modernized health and physical education curriculum was to have been launched — until Premier Dalton McGuinty scrapped it last Thursday 54 hours after socially conservative religious leaders and parents first expressed outrage.

“I have asked officials at the ministry to bring me some options in terms of how we can better engage parents on this issue,” Dombrowsky told reporters.

Under the abandoned curriculum, Grade 1 students would have to been taught the correct terms for body parts, including genitalia, which can help prevent sexual abuse.

But what sparked the ire of social conservatives was that Grade 3 students would have learned about homosexuality with sixth graders being taught about masturbation. In Grade 7, concepts of anal and oral sex would have been introduced.

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