Gas prices pumped up an additional five cents over the weekend after price regulation Thursday night.
At the top end yesterday, customers were paying 129.9 cents per litre at the Shell station on Windmill Road in Dartmouth and, at the lower end, 126.3 cents at Petro Canada on Portland Street.
According to, drivers were paying almost 10 cents less one month ago, and 15 cents less one year ago.
Price forecasters predict a litre of gas will cost as much as $1.50 by summer.
Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil last week demanded that Premier Rodney MacDonald immediately cut gas taxes.
“The Conservative government is gouging Nova Scotians with gas regulation and the highest-per-capita fuel taxes in the country,” he said in a statement.
Nova Scotia’s prices are almost a full dime higher than New Brunswick’s, he said.
The Liberals introduced a bill that would see the gas tax slashed by four cents a litre, but they say the Tories refuse to take action.