Make room, Holden Caulfield and Huck Finn, Sonic the Hedgehog is moving in.

The Toronto Public Library is searching for close to $300,000 to start a circulating video game collection, as well as to set up gaming programs at eight branches across the city.

There’s method in what sounds like madness for a library: Players can learn literacy and problem-solving skills through the games themselves, while the gaming programs will convert the library into a hub for youths who would otherwise never consider entering one.

“It may be the only time a young person comes in. It can act as a magnet to attract people,” said city Councillor Adam Vaughan, who sits on the library’s board.

There will be upwards of 150 titles and the games will be available at 38 branches.

The game selection, however, is still far away. If the library can’t raise the funds, the games and the consoles won’t be purchased this year.