Pet owner Jeremy Salomons has his animals registered with a third party, but the city’s bylaw boss said it might not increase the chance of a quick reunion.

Salomons, who has his pets registered with Pet Links, didn’t know that if his dogs weren’t registered with the city it can become very difficult to identify them and his animals could be lost permanently, if the city crews pick them up.

“Just thinking about not being able to locate my pets because they couldn’t be identified makes me upset,” he said.

Having your pets registered with other companies rather than the city doesn’t always cut it said Animal and Bylaw Services director Bill Bruce.

Bruce is urging pet owners to register their pets with the city, because its computerized database is available and updated frequently, allowing a lost pet to be reunited with its owner — sometimes within a matter of hours.

“A licence is an animal’s ticket home,” Bruce said.

“Often we run into issues when tracking pet’s information because their information is not accessible through other company’s records,” said Bruce.

According to 92 per cent of dogs are licensed and 46 per cent of cats have licences.